Table 1

Incidence and co-morbidity in survivors of the EpiBel cohort compared to other cohorts described in literature. Survival rate was calculated based on the total number of admitted infants

EpiBelEpiCure6Larsson7De Jonge8Hussain9Bardin10
NA  =  not available; ROP  =  retinopathy of prematurity; CLD  =  chronic lung disease; CNS  =  central nervous system.
Gestational age (weeks)⩽26<26⩽26⩽26⩽26⩽26
Survival rate58%39%NA68%NA62.5%
Number of survivors17531457157243115
Major (⩾stage 3) ROP25.5%NA35%26.8%14.4%20.8%
Threshold ROP19.8%14%NANA3.7%NA
Associated morbidity
CNS at discharge3%6.2%NA3.2%NANA