Table 3

Relevant neonatal characteristics in infants who developed renal insufficiency (>1.5 mg/dl) compared to control infants in the EpiBel cohort

CasesControlsp Value
GA  =  gestational age; CRIB  =  Clinical Risk Index for Babies; CLD  =  chronic lung disease; PDA  =  patent ductus arteriosus.
Number of infants37138
GA (weeks)25.3 (0.7)25.5 (0.6)p<0.05
Birth weight (g)784 (174)815 (154)p<0.05
Apgar 5 minutes7.4 (2.8)7.7 (2.1)NS
CRIB score5.9 (3.3)5.3 (3.2)p<0.05
Parenteral nutrition (days)45.3 (27.3)39.4 (24.2)NS
CLD 36 weeks GA54%42%NS
Systemic steroids75%58%NS
Treated PDA49%55%NS
Transfusions (number)7.9 (5.4)6.7 (5.1)p<0.05
Threshold ROP43%14%p<0.005