Table 4

Results of the logistic regression analysis to evaluate the effect of different risk factors for threshold retinopathy in the EpiBel cohort (risk factors first documented by monovariate analysis)

OR95% CIp Value
OR  =  odds ratio; CI  =  confidence intervals; CRIB  =  Clinical Risk Index for Babies.
Transfusions (number)1.11891.0309 to 1.21450.0072
Renal insufficiency3.31931.3442 to 8.19670.0093
Respiratory support (days)1.02071.0021 to 1.03970.0291
Birth weight0.99910.9954 to 1.0028NS
Gestational age (weeks)0.83780.4701 to 1.4932NS
CRIB score0.99130.8199 to 1.2145NS