Table 1

Details of treatment and follow up for the 27 primary OSSN cases

PatientAge of DxR/L eyeLocationHistopathologyComplicationsTreatmentNo of course(MMC S/e)Follow up (months)Recurrence
E  =  excision, C  =  cryotherapy, MMC  =  mitomycin C, CIN  =  conjunctival intra-epithelial neoplasia.
156RTemporal limbalCIN IGranulomaE, MMC3Nil20No
275LTemporal limbalCIN IE, C, MMC3nil33No
386RLimbalCIN IIIE, C, MMC3Nil12No
457RNasal limbalCIN IE, MMC2Allergy38No
552LNasal limbalCIN IIE, C, MMC3Nil40No
657RNasal limbalCIN IE, MMC2Allergy36No
757RInferonasal limbalCIN IE, C, MMC2Allergy41No
861RNasal limbalCIN IIE, MMC2Allergy20No
953RNasal limbalCIN IIIGranulomaE, C, MMC3Nil20No
1062RNasal limbalCIN INilE, C, MMC3Nil29No
1150LNasal limbalCIN IIIE, C, MMC3Itch7No
1253RNasal limbalCIN IIE, C, MMC3Nil14No
1369RLimbalCIN IE, C, MMC3Nil50No
1470RNsalCIN IIE, MMC2Allergy42No
1541RTemporal limbalCIN IGranulomaE, C, MMC3Nil26No
1663LTemporalCIN IIIE, C, MMC2Allergy17No
1761RNasal limbalCIN IE, MMC2Allergy40No
1875LTemporal limbalCIN IGranulomaE, MMC3Nil37No
1976RLimbalCIN IE, MMC3Nil25No
2057LTemporal limbalCIN IIIE, C, MMC3Nil25No
2182LTemporal limbalCIN IIIE, C, MMC3Nil20No
2249LNasal limbalCIN IIIE, MMC3Nil40No
2347RNasalCIN IIGranulomaE, C, MMC2Allergy23No
2473RNasal limbalCIN IIIE, MMC3Nil22No
2567LTemporalCIN INilE, C, MMC3Nil24No
2687LLimbal baseCIN IIIE, C, MMC3Nil10No
2782RLimbalCIN IE, C, MMC3Nil13No