Table 1

Relation between positive IgG response to rHSP60Ye and clinical characteristics of the HLA-B27 associated AAU and pars planitis patients

HLA-B27 associated AAU patientsPars planitis patients
Clinical characteristicsPositive* IgG response to rHSP60YeNegative IgG response to rHSP60YeSignificancePositive* IgG response to rHSP60YeNegative IgG response to rHSP60YeSignificance
*We considered as a positive response to rHSP60Ye, values A492nm⩾0.58.
†The mean complications presented in all patients were: glaucoma secondary, vitreitis, posterior synechiae, cataract, cystic macular oedema.
‡Level of inflammation was determined by clinical examination and the grade of cellularity.
ND, not determined.
Male:female5:14:1p = 0.881:11:2p = 0.71
Age of examination, years (mean (SD))30 (10)31 (16)p = 0.9115 (7)18 (13)p = 0.63
Recurrence (%)3340p = 0.822933p = 0.82
Eye complications† (%)8320p = 0.034350p = 0.81
Spondyloarthropathy (%)5020p = 0.15NDNDND
Level of inflammation‡ (%)5080p = 0.332950p = 0.21