Table 1

Baseline patient and eye characteristics*

*All data are given as the mean (SD) or the number (%).
Age (year)74.31 (7.3)
Black race6 (15.4)
Female sex20 (51.3)
Intraocular pressure (mm Hg)21.08 (2.9)
Vertical cup to disc ratio0.77 (0.1)
Neural rim area to disc area ratio0.23 (0.1)
Number of pores20.51 (2.0)
Mean pore area to disc area ratio0.0055 (0.0005)
Total pore area to disc area ratio0.11 (0.006)
Pore shape
    Circular3 (7.7)
    Oval26 (66.7)
    Striate10 (25.6)