Table 4

 Effect size estimates for all pairwise comparisons between arms

Effect size (scale units)95% CIp Value
(A) For scaled trial outcomes (ie, differences between arms at 12 months)
ELVR v CLVR0.06−0.17 to 0.300.60
ELVR v CELVR0.12−0.11 to 0.340.31
CELVR v CLVR−0.05−0.29 to 0.180.64
PCSELVR v CLVR−6.05−10.2 to −1.910.004
ELVR v CELVR−3.78−7.75 to 0.190.06
CELVR v CLVR−2.27−6.29 to 1.760.27
MCSELVR v CLVR−4.04−7.44 to −0.650.02
ELVR v CELVR−2.56−5.73 to 0.610.11
CELVR v CLVR−1.48−4.69 to 1.730.36
Locus of controlELVR v CLVR−0.42−1.68 to 0.830.51
ELVR v CELVR−0.44−1.63 to 0.760.47
CELVR v CLVR0.02−1.21 to 1.250.98
AcceptanceELVR v CLVR−0.36−3.04 to 2.320.79
ELVR v CELVR−0.73−3.29 to 1.840.58
CELVR v CLVR0.36−2.24 to 2.970.78
AttitudeELVR v CLVR0.22−1.34 to 1.770.79
ELVR v CELVR0.03−1.52 to 1.450.97
CELVR v CLVR0.25−1.27 to 1.770.75
Self efficacyELVR v CLVR−0.44−2.88 to 2.000.72
ELVR v CELVR−0.88−3.21 to 1.440.46
CELVR v CLVR0.44−1.91 to 2.790.71
Self rated restriction score†:
ELVR v CLVR0.04−0.02 to 0.110.17
ELVR v CELVR0.04−0.02 to 0.100.15
CELVR v CLVR−0.00−0.06 to 0.060.99
(B) For binary trial outcomes (ie, odds ratios for 12 months data)
†Analysis was adjusted for baseline outcome score; participants with data missing at baseline were excluded from the analysis.
‡All 194 participants who completed the trial were included in the analysis of “using at least one LVA”; analyses of “using a LVA daily” and “for > 5 minutes” were restricted to the 95% of participants using at least one LVA at 12 months.
Measured task performance:
Read at least one “Use by date”ELVR v CLVR0.830.40 to 1.750.63
ELVR v ELVR0.480.23 to 1.020.06
CELVR v LVR1.730.80 to 3.760.17
Read medicine name (±dose)ELVR v CLVR0.720.35 to 1.460.36
ELVR v CELVR0.550.28 o 1.100.09
CELVR v LVR1.290.64 to 2.620.48
LVA use‡:
Using at least one LVAELVR v CLVR0.510.12 to 2.130.36
ELVR v ELVR0.430.10 to 1.810.25
CELVR v LVR1.180.23 to 6.050.85
Using a LVA dailyELVR v CLVR1.180.54 to 2.590.67
ELVR v ELVR1.030.48 to 2.210.94
CELVR v LVR1.150.54 to 2.480.72
Using a LVA for >5 minutes on averageELVR v CLVR1.220.57 to 2.600.60
ELVR v ELVR1.770.83 to 3.780.14
CELVR v LVR0.690.32 to 1.520.36