Table 1

‚ÄÉNumber of adjustable eyes and tractional force and length for the adjustment

GroupTime of adjustmentPossible adjustment (No of eyes)Adjustment not possible (No of eyes)Force Mean (SD)Length Mean (SD)
C: control; P: polyurethane; P-D: polyurethane+dexamethasone.
*Impossible to move the muscle because of adhesion.
C4 weeks05**
6 weeks06**
P4 weeks9235.27 (19.60) g2.86 (1.60) mm
6 weeks10239.17 (20.37) g2.79 (1.53) mm
P-D4 weeks11035.00 (7.44) g3.72 (0.98) mm
6 weeks10137.82 (16.43) g3.16 (1.39) mm