Table 1

Clinical Findings

Group 1: Head tilt toward from side of fixing eye
CaseAge BMR performedDirection of head tilt/age first notedDVD characteristicsHead tilt testSensoryResponse to patch test and to treatment
14 yearsLeft/postopR>LNPBagolini - ARC; Randot - no stereopsisHead tilt resolved with patching OS but not OD
24 yearsLeft/postopR>LNPBagolini - ARC; Randot - no stereopsisNP
321 monthsRight/18 monthsL>RNPTitmus - negativeHead tilt resolved with patching OD but not OS; symmetrical SR rec - NI
412 monthsLeft/25 monthsR>L↑ RHT with left head tilt; RHT resolves with right head tiltBagolini - ARC; W4D - supp ODHead tilt resolved with patching OS but not OD
511 monthsRight/18 monthsL>RLHT persists with head tilt to rightBagolini - ARC; Titmus+fly W4D fusionHead tilt resolved with patching; LHT resolved with LIOAP
Group 2: Head tilt toward side of hyperdeviating eye
M, male; F, female; —, unknown; NP, not performed; L, left; R, right; ↑, increased; ↓, decreased; DMR, Double Maddox Rod; LHT, left hyperdeviation; RHT, right hyperdeviation; NI, no improvement; BMR, bimedial recession; W4D, Worth Four Dot; sec/arc, seconds of arc; NRC, normal retinal correspondence; ARC, anomalous retinal correspondence; int supp, intermittent suppression; alt supp, alternate suppression; IOAP, inferior oblique anteroplacement; SV, subjective vertical; postop, noted shortly after surgery; rec, recession; res, resection.
611 monthsLeft/18 monthsL>R↑ LHT with right head tilt resolves with left head tiltDMR - no torsion; Bagolini - int supp OD; Titmus 100 sec/arc; W4D vertical diplopiaVertical prisms eliminated head tilt; BSR+RIRres reduced head tilt
77 monthsRight/18 monthsR>L↑ RHT with left head tilt; ↓ RHT with right head tiltBagolini - NRC; W4D - alt supp; Titmus+flyNP
811 monthsRight/postopR>L↑ RHT with left head tilt; ↓ RHT with right head tiltBagolini - ARC with int supp OS; Titmus 100 sec/arc; W4D -int supp ODHead tilt decreased; RLRrec; LIRrec
91 yearRight/postopR>L↓ RHT with right head tilt; ↑ RHT with left head tiltBagolini ARCSymmetrical BSR rec - NI