Table 2

Complications of frontalis suspension surgery with non-autogenous materials and autogenous fascia lata

Author, yearMaterial usedNo of patientsNo of eyelidsMean follow up (months)Complications (infection/extrusion/granuloma)
ePTFE  =  expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (Gore-Tex).
Carter, 199722Silicone rod356122Extrusion, 3
Recurrence, 4
Goldberger, 199123Silicone rod101224Exposure keratopathy, 1
Skin bulging over silicone rods, 1
Leone et al, 198124Silicone rod1520Infection, 1
Wasserman, 200128Monofilament Nylon1324Recurrence, 9
Infection/granuloma, 1
Manners, 199420Polypropylene91018.7Recurrence, 5
Wasserman, 200128Polypropylene824Recurrence, 3
ePTFE (Gore-Tex)
Wasserman, 200128ePTFE116Infection/granuloma, 5
Steinkogler, 199319ePTFE263736Rejection, 1
Stored fascia lata
Wasserman, 200128Banked, donor, irradiated fascia lata3518Recurrence, 18
Infection/granuloma, 2
Esmaili, 199826Banked, donor, irradiated fascia lata72132120Reaction to donor fascia lata, 2
Mauriello, 199827Cadaveric fascia lata273644None
Autogenous fascia lata
El-Toukhy, 200113Fascia lata243433.8Infection, 1
Hypertrophic leg scar, 1
Wasserman, 200128Fascia lata2430Recurrence, 1
Infection/granuloma, 2
Deenstra, 199625Fascia lata8111954 (median)Exposure keratopathy, 12
Kemp, 19864Fascia lata9930Infection, 1
Overcorrection, 2
Slipped, 2