Table 1

Causes of visual impairment (binocular visual acuity <6/18)

CauseNo with condition main/contributory causeBinocular visual impairment (n = 1426)Binocular visual impairment, excluding refractive error (n = 976)Everyone aged 75 years and older (n = 13 900)
%95% CI%95% CI%95% CI
Refractive error  =  people with pinhole corrected vision in right or left eye of 6/18 or better; no cause was established in 316 people; total is more than 100% as 16% of people had more than one cause of visual loss.
AMD, age related macular degeneration.
Refractive error45031.628.3 to to 3.8
AMD51636.232.9 to 39.552.949.2 to to 4.2
Cataract35024.521.8 to 27.435.931.7 to to 3.0
Glaucoma1137.96.2 to 9.611.69.1 to to 1.0
Diabetic eye disease332.31.5 to to to 0.32
Vascular occlusions90.60.1 to to to 0.11
Myopic degeneration412.91.9 to to to 0.4
Other674.73.7 to to to 0.6