Table 4

Comparison with other population based studies on the causes of visual loss

StudyAgeDefinition of visual impairmentNot visually impaired% attributed to:
Low vision
MRC trial75+<6/18–3/607274745114
Baltimore Eye Study65+<6/12–>6/60134254430
SEE40+<6/18–> = 6/603123101610
Melbourne VIP>65<6/18–>6/60213833105
Blue Mountains Eye Study65–84<6/12–>6/6050324228
Rotterdam Study*75+<6/18–3/60170285720
Blue Mountains Eye Study65–84< = 6/6010700100
MRC trial75+<3/602497110143
Baltimore Eye Study65+< = 6/60423817142
Beaver Dam Eye Study40+< = 6/6021575010
Melbourne VIP40+< = 6/602488400
Blue Mountains Eye Study65–84< = 6/6010700100
Rotterdam Study*75+<3/605070860