Table 4

 Production conditions and results of studies published. Success is defined either as number of all eyes/patients improving or as reduction of mean baseline (as stated in the paper) of fluorescein, rose bengal positive epitheliopathy (objective), or symptoms (subjective) score

AuthorYearConcentration/diluentCentrifugation (g force/duration)Clotting timeFrequency/remarksIndicationEyes (patients)Success objectiveSuccess subjective
Note that the scale used to measure these changes as well as the baseline level varied between the studies. GvHD, graft versus host disease; IC, immune complex; IPC, impression cytology; KCS, keratoconjunctivitis sicca; LSCTX, limbal stem cell transplautation; NK, neurotrophic keratopathy; NR, not reported; NS, not significant; OS, ocular surface; OSD, ocular surface disease; PED, persistent epithelial defect; PK, penetrating keratoplasty; Replacement, frequency equivalent to previously applied pharmaceutical tear substitute; RoR, rate of recurrence; SLK, superior limbal keratoconjunctivitis; SS, Sjögren’s syndrome.
Fox1198433%/0.9% NaCl500 g/10 minNR2 hourlyKCS30 (15)RB 41%51%; 15 (15)
Tsubota2199920%/NaCl1500 rpm/5 minNR6–10×KCS in SS24 (12)Fl: 55 %; RB: 68%34 %
Rocha35200033%/0.9% NaCl500 g/10 minNRHourly, filteredKCS in GVHD4 (2)4 (4)4 (4)
Poon33200150–100%/0.5% chloramphenicol4000 rpm (2200 g)/10 min2 hKCS11 (9)Fl: 6 (11) BR: 5 (11)6 (11)
Tananuvat38200120%/0.9% NaCl4200 rpm/15 minNRKCS12 (12)Fl: 39%; RB: 33% IPC 44%36% (NS)
Takamura37200220%/0.9% NaCl3000 rpm/10 minNR4–8×KCSNR (26)“improved”20 (26)
Ogawa36200320%/0.9% NaCl1500 rpm/5 minNR10×KCS in GVHD28 (14)Fl: 61%, RB 40%30 %
McDonnell471988100%NC/15–20 min15 min1–2 hourlyPED1 (1)IC depositionNo
Tsubota25199920%/NaCl1500 rpm/5 minNR6–10×PED16 (15)10 (16)NR
Poon33200150–100%/0.5% chloramphenicol4000 rpm (2200 g)/10 min2 hPED15 (13)9 (15)NR
De Souza422001100%NCNRHourlyPED/PK70 (63)57 (70)NR
Garcia43200320%/0.9% NaCl5000 rpm/10 minNR10×PED11 (11)6 (11)NR
Tsubota45199620%/NaCl1500 rpm/5 minNR¼ hourlyLSC-Tx, PK14 (11)12 (14)NR
Poon33200150–100%/0.5% chloramphenicol4000 rpm (2200 g)/10 min2 hPK2 (2)2 (2)NR
Del Castillo41200220%/0.9% NaCl1500 rpm/5 minNRRES11 (11)8 (11); RoR: 99%NR
Goto40200120%/0.9% NaCl1500 rpm/5 minNR10×SLK22 (11)Fl 88%, BR 91% IPC 100%21%, 9 (11)
Noble39200350%/0.9% NaClNR48–72 hReplacementOSD32 (16)IPC 9 (25)10 (16)
Matsumoto20a200420%/NaCl3000 rpm/10 minNR5–10×NK14 (11)14 (14)NR