Table 5

 Costs of production for 20% and 100% serum eye drops produced out of 100 ml full blood and filled as 2 ml aliquots in sterile dropper bottles (calculation based on figures of the Department of Pharmacy of the University Hospital Lübeck for the year 2003)

Costs (€)
For 100% serum eye dropsFor 20% serum eye drops
Average number of bottles1575
Disposable materials/substances
Gauze, cannula, gloves (2×)3.003.00
Serum vacuum container (€0.08 each)0.800.80
6 BSS ampoules (10 ml, €4.5 each)27.00
Dropper bottle (€0.80 each)12.0060.00
Labels (€0.02 each)0.301.50
Box for transportation0.100.10
Doctor (€40/h)10.0010.00
Pharmaceutical production assistant (€25/h)25.0050.00
Serological examinations13.0013.00
Total costs 69.20170.40
Costs/bottle 4.612.27