Table 2

Associations between study factors and perioperative complication*

Study factorComplications (frequency)Univariate analysis
YesNoOR (95% CI)†χ2 value (1 df)p Value
*Missing data on IOL type (one), posterior capsule status at the end of surgery (one), and section type (seven).
†Odds ratio (95% confidence interval).
IOL typePMMA10155.3 (1.4 to 20)6.660.01
Acrylic4311.0 (reference)
Section typeScleral/limbal111411 (2.1 to 55)10.60.005
Clear corneal2271.0 (reference)
Posterior capsulorhexisYes9163.4 (1.0 to 12)3.840.05
No5301.0 (reference)
Age group0–5 years11224.2 (1.0 to 17)4.380.05
>5 years3251.0 (reference)