Table 3

 Optotype acuities

Follow up visual acuityTreatment
CL (n = 11)*IOL (n = 8)†
*Two of the 13 CL patients were lost to follow up.
†Two of the 12 IOL patients were lost to follow up. One patient was delayed developmentally, but was judged to “see well” in the pseudophakic eye. One patient was excluded from the analysis because of abnormalities of the retina and optic nerve that antedated cataract surgery. The patient should have been excluded from participating in the original study.
20/40 or better2 (18%)2 (25%)
20/50 to 20/4006 (55%)4 (50%)
Worse than 20/4003 (27%)2 (25%)
p Value.99