Table 3

Relative risks (“hazards”) of capsulotomy after intraocular lens implant*

Relative risk (95% CI)Wald value (1 df)p Value
*After adjustment for other factors in table. Three patients were excluded from regression analyses: one patient was censored before the earliest intervention, and two cases had missing data on IOL type (one) and posterior capsule status at the end of surgery (one).
IOL type
Acrylic1.6 (0.66 to 3.9)1.120.29
PMMA1.0 (reference)
Age group at operation
<1 year1.7 (0.59 to 4.8)0.960.33
1–5 years0.6 (0.22 to 1.6)1.000.32
>5 years1.0 (reference)
Primary posterior capsulorhexis
Yes0.43 (0.17 to 1.1)3.080.08
No1.0 (reference)
Perioperative complication
Yes3.3 (1.3 to 8.2)6.640.01
No1.0 (reference)