Table 2

Visual function at the last follow up

Mean (SD)Range
The Goldmann visual fields were scanned into a computer and the area of the 4-IV-e was measured in square units using a graphics programme.
Duration of follow up in months12.3 (4.5)6.7–22.8
Distance logMAR visual acuity0.97 (0.29)0.28–1.4
Near logMAR visual acuity0.85 (0.30)0.32–1.4
Reading speed in words per minute62 (43)0–177
Critical print size in logMAR units1.03 (0.24)0.4–1.4
Area of Goldmann 4-IV-e of the operated eye in square units113 (56)12–223
Area of Goldmann 4-IV-e of the fellow eye in square units203 (64)24–301
Pelli-Robson: contrast sensitivity score16.5 (8.3)0–30
City University test: No of colour plates2.9 (2.6)0–6