Table 2

Final multivariate models for acute endophthalmitis after cataract extraction

Risk factorDefinitionAll endophthalmitisCulture positive endophthalmitis
OR (95% CI)*p ValueOR (95% CI)*p Value
Odds ratio (95% confidence intervals) of all endophthalmitis and culture positive endophthalmitis in backwards stepwise multiple logistic regression models that included the following covariates: IOL type, PCR, sex, and type of operation. Sex and type of operation dropped out of the final models.
IOL typeAll PMMA1.01.0
5.1 (1.2 to 21.6)0.039.9 (2.1 to 46.3)0.004
Silicon0.9 (0.4 to 2.5)0.881.0 (0.3 to 3.1)0.97
Posterior capsular ruptureAbsent1.01.0
Present20.9 (2.3 to 187.9)0.00732.1 (3.3 to 313.0)0.003