Table 1

Clinical data of patients with or without conjunctivochalasis

CaseAgeSexSymptomsWorst time or conditionHistory of subconjunctival bleedingBUTFCTDTCReflex tearingFLRBMGD-LTD
FCT = fluorescein clearance test measuring the average wetting length (mm) for 1 min with Schirmer strip (with anaesthetic) at 10 and 20 min time points. Reflex = reflex tearing determined by nasal stimulation performed at the 30 min time point (present: wetting length (mm) greater than the above baseline value; absent: wetting length equal to or no greater than the baseline value). DTC = delayed tear clearance measured by FCT (absent: no DTC and is found in normal subjects when dye cleared within 20 min; present: dye clearance was delayed more than 20 min). BUT = tear break up time (seconds). MGD = meibomian gland dysfunction determined by meibum expression (absent: meibum was readily expressed; present: meibum poorly or not expressed by digital compression). PM = as the day progresses; AM = upon awakening; F = female; m = male; FL = fluorescein; RB = rose bengal.
Group A
Mean (SD)32.4 (2.6)2.8 (0.8)1.5 (0.5)
Group B
661FDrynessPM, readingYes32PresentAbsentPositivePositivePresent
782FBlurry visionAM, readingYes13PresentPresentPositivePositivePresent
873MBlurry vision, burning sensationAM, readingNo23PresentPresentPositivePositivePresent
959FBlurry vision, burning sensationAM, readingNo01PresentAbsentPositivePositivePresent
1065MBlurry visionPM, readingYes03PresentPresentPositivePositivePresent
1153FBlurry visionAM, readingNo22PresentPresentPositivePositivePresent
1264MBlurry visionAM, readingYes02PresentAbsentPositivePositivePresent
1371FPain, drynessAM, readingYes22PresentPresentPositivePositivePresent
Mean (SD)66 (9.1)1.2 (1.1)2.2 (0.7)
Group C
1459MDrynessPM, readingYes25PresentPresentPositivePositivePresent
1552FPain, light sensitivityPM, light, wind/ readingYes08PresentPresentPositivePositivePresent
1667FPainPM, readingYes26PresentPresentPositivePositivePresent
1775FPainPM, readingYes25PresentPresentPositivePositivePresent
1863FPainPM, readingNo210PresentPresentPositivePositivePresent
1979FPain, drynessAM, readingYes17PresentPresentPositivePositivePresent
2057MPain, drynessAM, readingNo28PresentPresentPositivePositivePresent
2160FPain, drynessPM, readingYes315PresentPresentPositivePositivePresent
Mean (SD)64 (9.1)1.7 (0.8)8 (3.2)