Table 1

List of monoclonal antibodies

Antibody (clone)SpecificitySource
*Antibodies to chromogranin, synaptophysin, melanocytes, and the leucocyte common antigen were employed to detect any unexpected expansion of other indigenous cells at the limbus.
(α Enolase was a kind gift from Professor J D Zieske, Schepens Research Institute, Boston, MA, USA.)
AE5Cytokeratin 3Serotec, Oxford, UK
K4.62Cytokeratin 19Sigma Immunochemicals
V9VimentinSigma Immunochemicals
PolyclonalConnexin 43Zymed Laboratories, SanFrancisco, USA
MIB1Ki67Dako, Cambridge, UK
7JULp63Novocastra laboratories, Newcastle, UK
ICR10Epidermal growth factor receptorSerotec, Oxford, UK
NA1/34CD 1a (Langerhans cells)Dako, Cambridge, UK
Q BEND/10CD 34Novocastra laboratories, Newcastle, UK
DAK A3ChromograninDako, Cambridge, UK
PolyclonalSynaptophysinDako, Cambridge, UK
HMB 45MelanocytesDako, Cambridge, UK
2BH PD7/26Leucocyte common antigenDako, Cambridge, UK