Table 2

Immunohistochemical characteristics of the basal, suprabasal, and superficial cells of the explants at 1 and 3 weeks

Day 0Week 1Week3
Antibody specificityBSBSBSBSBSBS
B = basal; SB = suprabasal; S = superficial.
α Enolase and epidermal growth factor receptor showed homogeneous staining throughout the limbal explant at all time points. No immunoreactivity was observed in the limbal epithelial cells for CD34 or for the neuroendocrine, Langerhans cells, or melanocyte markers at any of the time points.
Cytokeratin 3NegativeNegativeMany cells positiveNegativeNegativeFew cells positiveNegativeNegativeOccasional cell positive
Cytokeratin 19Few cells positiveNegativeNegativePositivePositivePositivePositivePositivePositive
VimentinPositiveFew cells positiveNegativePositivePositivePositivePositivePositivePositive
Connexin43Occasional cell positivePositiveNegativeNegativeNegativeNegativeNegativeNegativeNegative
Ki67NegativeNegativeNegativeMany cells positiveMany cells positiveOccasional cell positiveOccasional cell positiveNegativeNegative
P63Many cells positiveOccasional cell positiveNegativeMany cells positiveOccasional cell positiveNegativeOccasional cell positiveNegativeNegative