Table 4

Results of Mann-Whitney tests (p values) for levels of cellular fibronectin within and between groups*

*p Values of 0.05 or less are considered significant.
IF  =  intraocular fluid; DM  =  diabetes mellitus; DRP  =  diabetic retinopathy; MO  =  macular oedema; leakage  =  vascular leakage on fluorescein angiography
UveitisActive v Non-active0.770.0030.0270.08
MO+ v MO−
Leakage+ v Leakage−
DMDRP+ v DRP−0.310.0250.12
MO+ v MO−0.830.011
Leakage+ v Leakage−0.310.030
MO+Uveitis v DM0.060.110.47
MO−Uveitis v DM0.810.330.31
Leakage+Uveitis v DM0.090.210.42
Leakage−Uveitis v DM0.720.840.77
Total (uveitis+DM)MO+ v MO−0.300.0180.400.13
Leakage+ v Leakage−0.820.0140.310.028