Table 1

Values for subjects included in the effect of CCT and corneal curvature on pulsatile ocular blood flow tonography and Goldmann applanation tonometry study

MedianMenWomenMedian of men and women (range)
Age (years)52.543.548.0 (13 to 87)
Mean spherical refraction (dioptres) (−10.0 to +5.50)
IOP by GAT (mm Hg) (8 to 30)
Average IOP by POBF tonograph (mm Hg)16.3515.7016.0 (7.4 to 32.6)
Central corneal thickness (μm)519518518 (426 to 616)
Mean corneal curvature (mm)7.657.547.60 (6.64 to 8.73)