Table 1

Case information and data summary

CaseStatusCause of death/medical historyOphthalmological statusAgePostmortem timeICAM-1 RVEICAM-1 diffuseICAM-1 OLMICAM-1 GCLPAL-E RVE
RVE  =  retinal vascular endothelium; OLM  =  outer limiting membrane; GCL  =  ganglion cell layer; CON  =  non-diabetic control; DM (type)  =  diabetes mellitus (type 1 or 2); CVA  =  cardiovascular accident; ICB  =  intracranial bleeding; COPD  =  chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; NS  =  not scored.
Control eyes
2CONMelanoma+brain metastises4921300.510
3CONHaemodynamic shock512130.5100
4CONBrain disease5217311.521
5CONHeart disease612030.510.50
6CONBrain disease6122300.501
7CONPancreas carcinoma612431.52.511
8CONHeart disease623031210
10CONLung disease702460.520.54
11CONHeart + lung disease7133411.511
12CONHeart disease721831.51.50.51
13CONLung disease7218312.522
14CONBrain disease7415412.502
15CONHeart disease752230.5201
16CONLung disease7516411.510
17CONBrain disease751131211
18CONHeart disease762031221
19CONHeart + kidney + liver disease791130.521.50
Mean (SD)66 (10)20 (5)3.4 (0.8)0.7 (0.5)1.7 (0.6)0.9 (0.7)0.9 (1.0)
Diabetic eyes
20DM ?Lung diseaseRetinopathy65206333NS
21DM ?Heart diseaseRetinopathy712442.5323
22DM ?Lung diseaseLaser treatment7420NS336
23DM 1Brain disease253340.5101
24DM 1Heart + kidney disease491551.5316
25DM 1Heart diseaseRetinopathy5024322.51.54
26DM 1Liver disease521732214
27DM 1Heart disease56203221.50
28DM 1Heart disease592830.50.50NS
29DM 1Heart disease591711.5212
30DM 1Heart disease681131204
31DM 1Heart disease681131103
32DM 1Brain diseaseRetinopathy692263336
33DM 1Heart disease7018322.514
34DM 1Heart disease711631.5324
35DM 1Heart disease732631.51.516
36DM 1Heart disease7322301.52.51
37DM 1Heart disease732200.50.503
38DM 1Kidney diseaseLaser treatment76562316
39DM 1Lung disease821832223
40DM 1Heart disease882062.5236
41DM 2Heart disease602431211
42DM 2Brain disease, ICB621641.521.51
43DM 2Brain disease, ICB621650.51.501
44DM 2Heart disease6315300.50.52
45DM 2Heart disease663262.532.56
46DM 2Lung disease672630.50.510
47DM 2Heart disease68031104
48DM 2Heart disease702031.52.522
49DM 2Haemodynamic shock7305110.51
50DM 2Lung disease742432224
51DM 2Ruptured aorta75115120.54
52DM 2Heart + thyroid gland disease77532323
53DM 2Heart + thyroid gland disease77542324
54DM 2Heart disease7810302.51.53
55DM 2Brain diseaseRetinopathy, laser treatment7823NS234
56DM 2Heart disease781430.510.54
57DM 2Heart + lung disease801541.52.51.51
58DM 2Lung disease, COPD-CVA801832.52.513
59DM 2Kidney disease832531.52.511
60DM 2Brain + lung disease842041.5221
Mean (SD)69 (12)18 (8)3.6 (1.3)1.5 (0.8)2.0 (0.8)1.3 (0.9)3.1 (1.9)
p Value0.3170.2160.4010.0010.0550.153<0.001