Table 1

Demographic features, diagnosis, previous corticosteroid therapy and side effects, dose and duration of corticosteroid sparing therapy, and outcome of therapy in ten patients with corticosteroid dependent optic neuritis

Patient noAge/sex/raceDiagnosisEye*Most consistent corticosteroid dose, total duration of corticosteroid treatement at any dose, and indication for corticosteroid sparing agent.Drug dose and durationAdverse effectsCorticosteroid dose (final)Initial visual acuityFinal visual acuityComment
F, female; W, white; H, Hispanic; OD, right eye; OS, left eye; OU, both eyes; IV, intravenous; HM, hand motions; CF, counting fingers; LP, light perception; NLP, no light perception.
*Uninvolved eyes are not detailed in this table.
166/F/WOptic neuritisOD20 mg for 6 years; 25 pound weight gain, mood change, tremorMycophenylate mofetil 2000 mg daily for 16 monthsAnaemia and increased blood urea nitrogen with 3000 mg daily dose3–10 mg20/2520/25Patient reported improved mood, increased energy and improved vision with mycophenylate.
252/F/WOptic neuritisOU15 mg for 18 months; 35 pound weight gainCyclophosphamide 125 mg by mouth daily for 13 monthsMild anaemia0 mgOD:HM OS:20/40OD:NLP OS:20/30Optic nerve biopsy pathology showed non-specific inflammation.
325/F/WOptic neuritisOU20 mg for 6 months; 25 pound weight gain, labile moodMethotrexate 20 mg weekly for 6 monthsHeadache, fatigue17–40 mgOD:CF OS:CFOD:20/20 OS:20/20Continued flares of optic neuritis despite therapy.
Cyclosporine 200 mg daily in combination with methotrexate 20 mg weekly for 1 monthHypertension, paresthesias
Mycophenylate mofetil 3000 mg daily for 3 monthsHeadache
462/F/WOptic neuritis with hearing loss and cranial neuropathies (VII/VI)OS60 mg for 14 months; 55 pound weight gain, oedema, diabetes, osteoporosis, palpitations, bruisingAzathioprine 200 mg daily for 8 monthsHair lossPatient discontinued all medications20/6020/60Patient reported increased energy and stabilisation of weight on azathioprine but was poorly compliant.
529/F/WOptic neuritisOU30 mg for 2 years; 25 pound weight gain, mood changes, oedema, arthralgiaMethotrexate 20 mg weekly for 4 monthsNone0–5 mgOD:20/HM OS: 20/20OD: 20/HM OS: 20/20Cranial neuropathy (VI) concurrent with optic neuritis. Patient is deceased (cause of death undetermined).
Azathioprine 100 mg daily for 6 weeksHeadache, hypertension, nausea
Mycophenylate mofetil 500 mg daily for 3 weeksNausea, headache
Cyclophosphamide 200 mg daily for 42 monthsNausea, haemorrhagic cystitis
660/F/WSarcoidosisOD30–60 mg for 35 years; diabetes, weight gain, non-healing woundsMethotrexate 7.5 mg weekly for 7 monthsNone20 mgCFCFAPD better by 0.9 log units. Patient has severe lung disease.
756/F/WSarcoidosisOD60 mg for at least 4 months; 35 pound weight gain, cushingoid, weakness, labile mood, decreased energyAzathioprine 150 mg daily for 55 monthsMild hair loss0 mg20/3020/20Patient has restarted corticosteroid therapy per her internist since her last visit for active lung disease.
855/F/WSarcoidosisOU40–60 mg for 2 years; 20 pound weight gain, palpitations, sleep disruption, labile moodMethotrexate 20 mg weekly for 42 monthsNone10–20 mgOD:20/20OD:CF
Azathioprine 50 mg daily for 1 week?Fever, irritationOS:20/40OS:20/40
Mycophenylate mofetil 2000 mg daily for 5 monthsParesthesias
Hydroxycholorquine 200 mg daily and methotrexate 20 mg weekly for 2 monthsNone
953/F/WSystemic lupus erythematosusOU60 mg for 10 years intermittently; diabetes, cushingoidCyclophosphamide 1650 mg IV every six weeks for 12 monthsPneumonitis, nausea4 mgOD:NLP OS:LPOD:20/30 OS: 20/25
1050/F/HSystemic lupus erythematosus, thyroid related immune orbitopathyOD20 mg for 8 years; 60 pound weight gain, no benefit from corticosteroidMycophenylate mofetil 2000 mg daily for 3 monthsHair loss0 mgOD:20/HM OS:20/40OD:20/150 OS:20/20Patient has a history of repaired retinal detachment OD and radiation therapy to both orbits.