Table 1

Review of literature: sino-orbital invasive Aspergillus fumigatus in immunocompetent individuals

CaseAge (years), sexInitial complaintHad temporal arteritis?Treated with steroids?Other treatmentOutcome*Start in sphenoid†
*Time to death is approximated from initial complaint from information in the case reports. If there was no follow up or not enough information given, the case was not included in this table.
†Recorded as “yes” if computed tomography or specific description in reference given. If more than one site involved, the reference was not categorised as having a lesion that started in the sphenoid sinus.
Green et al, 1969 (case 3)71, malePainNot reportedDead 8 months later
Green et al, 1969 (case 6)84, malePainYesYesNot reportedDead 6 weeks later
Green et al, 1969 (case 10) (identified as Aspergillus species)50, femalePainDebridement; amphotericin BDead 16 months later
Hedges & Leung, 197662, femaleHeadache then severe painYesDebridement and amphotericin BDead 5 months later
Yu et al, 198037, malePainSurgery; amphotericin B; rifampin; flucytosineAlive at 1 year
Spoor et al, 198249, femalePainYesAmphotericin B and rifampinDead 2 monthsYes
Austin et al, 198377, malePainYesYesDebridement; amphotericin BDead 11 months later
Fuchs et al, 198548, femalePainSurgery; amphotericin B; rifampinAlive at 1monthYes
Lowe & Bradley, 198674, femaleHeadacheNoneDead 12 months later
Bradley et al, 198774, femalePainYesYesAmphotericin B; flucytosine; ketoconazole; vibunazoleStable at 2 years
Slavin, 199165, maleLeft sided headache then severe painYesAmphotericin BDead 2 months laterYes
Heier et al, 1994 (case 3)21, femalePainless proptosisAmphotericin BAlive at 6 months
Mauriello et al, 1995 (case 5)71, femalePainDebridement; amphotericin B then liposomal amphotericin B; local amphotericin BDead 4 months later
Suzuki et al, 199583, femaleHeadacheYesNoneDead 6 months later
Massry et al, 199640, femaleNasal congestionDebridement; amphotericin B; itraconazoleStable at 10 years
Hutnik et al, 199775, maleDecreased visionYes, despite negative biopsyYesAmphotericin B and fluconazoleDead 2 months laterYes
Streppel et al, 199950, female“Acute sinusitis”Amphotericin B; debridement; liposomal amphotericin B; Postoperative itraconazoleDead 16 months later