Table 2

Coefficient of variation (CV) and the range of maximum deviation from baseline value in a single individual (MAXD) of the choroidal haemodynamic parameters as calculated from the five measurement cycles between 8:00 and 20:00 (n = 16)

AU, arbitrary units.
Pulsatile ocular blood flow (µl/min)10.6 (3.4)5.4–36.7
Fundus pulsation amplitude (µm)4.9 (1.2)3.7–12.0
Peak systolic velocityOA (cm/s)8.1 (3.0)5.5–30.5
End diastolic velocityOA (cm/s)12.3 (4.5)12.1–58.8
Mean flow velocityOA (cm/s)7.9 (2.7)5.0–25.4
RIOA2.6 (1.1)2.0–11.2
Peak systolic velocityPCA (cm/s)13.8 (3.0)16.7–51.3
End diastolic velocityPCA (cm/s)13.9 (4.9)15.8–40.5
Mean flow velocityPCA (cm/s)9.6 (4.3)5.2–29.7
RIPCA7.5 (2.4)6.7–22.9
FLOW (AU)11.5 (3.3)14.5–57.2
VEL (AU)8.5 (3.2)5.1–36.4
VOL (AU)11.1 (3.9)9.2–49.2