Table 1

 Items in the daily living tasks dependent on vision by dimension

Subscale 1 (8 items)
Reading normal size newsprint
Reading correspondence—eg, letters and bills
Signing documents—eg, cheques
Identifying money from a wallet
Reading road signs/street names
Watching TV programmes
Distinguishing a person’s features across the street
Distinguishing a person’s features across the room
Subscale 2 (8 items)
Distinguishing a person’s features at arm’s length
Reading newspaper headlines
Pouring yourself a drink
Using kitchen appliances
Recognising seasonal changes in the garden
Cutting up food on your plate
Enjoying the scenery if out for a drive
Cutting fingernails
Subscale 3 (7 items)
How would you rate overall near vision?
How would you rate overall distance vision?
Confidence in ability to walk around one’s own neighbourhood
Confidence in an ability to walk around an unfamiliar neighbourhood
Do you agree? I feel I have to be more careful because of my eye condition
Noticing objects off to either side
Seeing steps and using them
Subscale 4 (2 items)
Adjusting to brightness after being in the dark
Adjusting to darkness after being in the light