Table 1

Physical properties of the tamponade agents tested

Tamponade agentsSpecific gravity (g/cm3)Interface tension at 25°C against water (mN/m)Viscosity (mPas)
*The solutions are made from mixing F6H8 with silicone oil. For example, 1 part by volume of F6H8 in 3 parts of silicone oil would give rise to a solution with a specific gravity of ((1×1.35)+(3×0.97))÷4 = 1.06. Similarly, 1 part of F6H8 in 5 parts of silicone oil give a specific gravity of approximately 1.03 and, lastly, 1 part of F6H8 in 9 parts of silicone gives a solution of specific gravity approximately of 1.01. All tamponade agents were provided by Fluoron, Neu-Ulm, Germany.
Silicone oil0.9735.45000
Silicone oil0.9735.41000
F6H8-SiO solution*1.0156.253167
F6H8-SiO solution*1.0345.431948
F6H8-SiO solution*1.0640.821387