Table 1

 PCR primers, reagent concentrations, and thermal cycling conditions used

Primer (source)Primer sequenceExpected fragment sizePCR reagent formulation*Thermal cycling profile
*Reagent was from Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase (Invitrogen).
Sars1S/As (Germany)Sars1S121 bp5 μl 10X PCR buffer 1.5 mM MgCl2 250 mM of each dNTP 20 μM each primer 2 units of Taq polymerase 2 μl of cDNA 50 μl total volumeHold: 95°C/3 min
10 cycles:
5′-cctctcttgttcttgctcgca-3′ 95°C/10 s
 58°C/10 s
Sar1AS 72°C/20 s
5′-tatagtgagccgccacacatg-3′40 cycles:
 95oC/10 s
 56°C/10 s
 72°C/20 s
Hold: 72°C/5 min
Cor1/2 (Hong Kong)Cor1310 bpHold: 94°C/2 min
10 cycles:
 94°C/30 s
5′-caccgtttctacaggttagctaacga-3′ 56°C/60 s
Cor2 70°C/45 s
5′-aaatgtttacgcacggtaagcgtaaaa-3′35 cycles:
 94°C/30 s
 60°C/45 s
 70°C/45 s
Hold: 72°C/5 min