Table 2

 Profile of cases with PCR test positive for SARS coronavirus

Details of admission
Onset8 April 032 April 0314 April 03
Date of admission9 April 037 April 0314 April 03
Date of first abnormal CXR14 April 0311 April 0314 April 03
OutcomeDischarged wellDeadDead
Date of death or discharge23 April 0323 April 0318 April 03
RemarksHealthcare worker infected by case 2Inpatient from 29 March 03 for subacute IOInpatient for cholecystitis. Infected by sibling of the index case in SGH
Key laboratory indicators
Total white count (4.0–10.0×109/l)
Lymphocyte count (18–43%)18.912.04.4
Platelet count (160–340×109/l)27514482
Lactose dehydrogenase (200–500 U/l)283540955
SARS virus RNA from
StoolsNegative Positive Positive
Nasal aspirateNot sentNot sent Positive
Date of collection of tears for PCR11 April 0311 April 0318 April 03
Day of collection from onset of feverDay 3Day 9Day 4