Table 1

 Anomalies and cancers reported in offspring of IVF

Several types of congenital anomalies and cancers have been reported in the literature, primarily in the form of case reports. The relation between IVF and these conditions is not definitively established.
Neuroectodermal tumoursWhite et al10
Kobayashi et al11
Neuroblastoma (Note: associated with the use of fertility drugs only.)Kramer et al12
Michalek et al13
RetinoblastomaMoll et al3
Cruysberg et al14
Anteby et al2
HepatoblastomaMelamed et al15
Toren et al16
Clear cell kidney sarcomaToren et al16
LymphomaKobayashi et al11
Transposition of the great arteriesLancaster17
Berg et al18
Neural tube defectsLancaster17