Table 2

‚ÄÉRetinoblastoma in children born through IVF

ReferenceSex and age at diagnosis (months)EyeCause of subfertilityDNA 13q14 analysisAssisted reproductive technique
NR, not reported; AI, artificial insemination; ICSI, intracytoplasmic sperm injection.
Current literature on retinoblastoma in children born through IVF includes three case reports that describe a total of six cases of retinoblastoma in these children. The characteristics of these patients and the patient discussed in this report are listed below.
Anteby et al2NR, 30UnilateralNRNRIVF with donor sperm
Moll et al3F, 38BothUnexplainedExon 8 mutatedIVF with 6 courses of clomid
Moll et al3M, 15LeftMaternal causeNormalIVF
Moll et al3F, 34RightUnexplainedNormalIVF
Moll et al3M, 8.5BothUnexplainedIntron 3 mutatedIVF with 8 AI attempts
Moll et al3F, 32LeftPaternal causeNormalIVF with ICSI
This reportF, 16RightMaternal causeNRIVF