Table 4

 Horizontal prism cover test measurements

Day 1Day 1Day 5
PBIn  =  prism base-in; PBOut  =  prism base-out; Δ  =  prism dioptres.
Nearn = 103Δ PBIn8Δ PBIn to 8Δ PBOutn = 828Δ PBIn25Δ PBIn to 35Δ PBOutn = 676Δ PBIn30Δ PBIn to 18Δ PBOut
Distancen = 101.5Δ PBIn2Δ PBIn to 4Δ PBOutn = 832Δ PBIn12Δ PBIn to 4Δ PBOutn = 664Δ PBOut14Δ PBIn to 16Δ PBOut
Primary positionn = 382Δ PBIn10Δ PBIn to 4Δ PBOutn = 384Δ PBOut14Δ PBIn to 16Δ PBOut
Right gazen = 381.5Δ PBIn4Δ PBIn to 8Δ PBOutn = 388Δ PBOut12Δ PBIn to 18Δ PBOut
Left gazen = 382Δ PBIn6Δ PBIn to 8Δ PBOutn = 387Δ PBOut14Δ PBIn to 18Δ PBOut