Table 2

 Summary of UFOV scores tabulated by the fail and pass criteria for the integrated visual field and the EVFT

Binocular EVFT
EVFT, Esterman visual field test; IVF, integrated visual field.
The figures in bold are the mean UFOV scores (SD). The two mean values in the top row (subjects failing the integrated visual field) are not significantly different (p = 0.321). However, both these mean values are significantly different from the mean value (2.41) of the majority of the patients who were classed as a pass on the integrated visual field and a pass on the binocular EVFT (p<0.01)
IVF Fail 3.39 (0.87)3.75 (0.89)
n  =  13n  =  8
Pass 2.41 (1.12)
n  =  0n  =  44