Table 1

 The clinical outcomes of glaucomatous eyes in the series

PatientEyeTiming of surgery (days)Glaucoma onset (days)Presenting sign1st line of treatment2nd line of treatment and 5 year visual outcomes (logMAR)Other features
1†right7912Corneal oedema, OHTVitrectomyMedication not required after vitrectomy, vision 0.8
2right14*37Corneal oedema, OHTVitrectomy MedicationTrabeculotomy, cyclodiode ×2, Vision NPLc/d ratio 0.7
2left16*40Corneal oedema, OHTVitrectomy MedicationCyclodiode ×2, vision PLPAS, c/d ratio 0.55
3right4246OHTVitrectomyWeaned off medication after vitrectomy within first year, vision missingPAS
4left10*70Corneal oedema, OHTVitrectomy MedicationGoniotomy, trabeculectomy, cyclodiode ×2, Ahmed tube, vision HMc/d ratio 1.0
5right27*85Corneal oedema, OHTVitrectomy MedicationTrabeculectomy, vision 0.9
6left79334Corneal oedema, OHTMedicationVitrectomy, vision 0.8
7right95490Corneal oedema, OHTMedicationCyclodiode, vision 0.5
8right39695Corneal oedema, OHTMedicationCyclodiode, vision 1.5Myopic shift, PAS
9left26*800OHTMedicationVision 0.1PAS
9right14*812OHTMedicationVision 0.3
10left15*1013Not availableNot availableTrabeculectomy, cyclodiode, vision 0.8Not available
11†left20*1111OHTMedicationVision 0.5c/d ratio 0.5
12right11*1185OHTMedicationCyclodiode, vision 0.2
8left881213Not availableNot availableCyclodiode, vision 0.3Not available
13right791305OHTMedicationVision 0.6
14left29*1370OHTMedicationVision 0.2PAS, c/d ratio 0.55
15left1081382OHTMedicationVision 0.8c/d ratio 0.5
15Right951416OHTMedicationVision 1.0PAS
12Left13*1644Not availableNot availableVision 0.8Not available
13Left711735OHTMedicationVision 0.7