Table 2

 Monocular visual acuity and reading parameters in children with unilateral microstrabismic amblyopia (n = 20)

VariableAmblyopic eyesFellow normal eyesp Value*
*p<0.05 statistically significant.
†A small CPS indicates that the patient is able to read smaller print sizes with optimal reading speed.
‡High logRAD/logMAR ratios indicate that the reading acuity reaches the level of distance visual acuity, whereas lower logRAD/logMAR ratios indicate a deficit in reading acuity.
Visual acuity (logMAR)0.19 (0.15)−0.1 (0.07)<0.001
Reading acuity (logRAD)0.52 (0.21)0.07 (0.09)<0.001
Maximum reading speed (wpm)139.4 (42.1)172.4 (46.7)<0.001
CPS (logRAD)†0.89 (0.25)0.55 (0.18)<0.001
LogRAD/logMAR ratio (%)‡57.3 (18)85.1 (9.2)<0.001