Table 1

 Analysis of regrafts: original diagnosis and cause of failure

Original diagnosisCauses of failure
*Endothelial failure unrelated to endothelial rejection.
†Endothelial rejection leading to endothelial failure.
HSV, herpes simplex virus.
Viral keratitis68 (21.2%)Endothelial failure*134 (41.8%)
Dystrophies49 (15.2%)Endothelial rejection†53 (16.5%)
Bullous keratopathy47 (14.6%)Astigmatism20 (6.2%)
Trauma44 (13.7%)Recurrence of dystrophy15 (4.7%)
Keratoconus41 (12.8%)Perforation15 (4.7%)
Ulcerative keratitis10 (3.1%)Bacterial infection13 (4%)
Corneal opacities10 (3.1%)Scarring12 (3.7%)
Others40 (12.5%)Primary donor failure7 (2.2%)
Unknown12 (3.7%)Recurrent HSV keratitis7 (2.2%)
Impending perforation6 (1.9%)
Bacterial infection with perforation5 (1.5%)
Glaucoma5 (1.5%)
Trauma3 (0.9%)
Others14 (4.4%)
Unknown12 (3.7%)
Total321 (100%)Total321 (100%)