Table 1

 Xanthogranulomatous disease presenting in the lacrimal gland

ReferenceDurationPathology first biopsyTime to 2nd biopsyPathology 2nd biopsySystemic findingsTreatment/responseAgeSexDiagnosis
Other cases report dry eye, or lacrimal gland involvement, but not specifically presentation in the lacrimal gland.
Rouhianen61 month“chronic inflam”8 monthsXanthoNRPrednisone, varied course45FAOX
Miszkiel,10 case 91 yearxanthoAsthma, eosinophilia, neutrophiliaSurgery60FAAPOX
Tucker112–3 monthsXanthoParaproteinaemia, polyarticular migratory arthritis. Later, conjunctival lesionsPrednisone43FNBX
Karcioglu9XanthoInitially “diagnosed as Sjögren’s”23FNot enough info to classify