Table 1

 Repeatability coefficients (RC) and related parameters (n = 49–55)

TestRCRC′ corrected for truncationsRange (RNG)Ratio RC′/RNG
The repeatability, expressed as RC/RNG, is similar for all tests, although monocular values for the NSLM tend to be lower than those of the remaining glare/stray light tests. Values for contrast sensitivity are lower than those for glare and stray light tests
*From Elliott and Sheridan45; †From Elliott et al40; ‡id, no correction for truncations (RC′ identical to RC). Note that all values are on a log scale, including the ones for visual acuity. For visual acuity, 0.1 log unit corresponds to one line on the visual acuity chart.
Right eye
Conventional stray light meter0.34id‡1.290.26
New stray light meter0.27id1.300.21
Nyktotest with glare2.372.80980.35
Mesotest with glare0.961.17040.29
Visual acuity0.2u*id0.7U0.29
Contrast sensitivity0.15u†id1.20.13
Left eye
Conventional stray light meter0.36id1.350.27
New stray light meter0.31id1.500.21
Nyktotest with glare2.112.40680.30
Mesotest with glare0.971.18440.46
Visual acuity0.2u*id0.7U0.29
Contrast sensitivity0.15u†id1.150.13
Both eyes
New stray light meter0.29id1.170.25
Nyktotest with glare1.521.64180.20
Mesotest with glare1.411.67340.41
Visual acuity0.2u*id0.5U0.4
Contrast sensitivity0.15†id0.90.17