Table 2

 Validity: Pearson’s correlation coefficients between tests and reference variables: CSLM, LOCSIII, and the questionnaire (n = 112)

TestReference variable
Conventional stray light meterLOCS III lens classificationQuestionnaire (average score)
The LOCS III score was the average of all four LOCS III parameters. The questionnaire score was the average score of all five questions. The scores on the CSLM and, to a lesser extent, the NSLM, are closest related to the results of the LOCS III classification and the questionnaire. The correlations between CSLM/NSLM and LOCSIII for dilated pupils are no better than those for undilated pupils. All correlation coefficients were statistically significant (p<0.05).
Right eye
Conventional stray light meterUndilated pupils0.7630.454
Dilated pupils0.7020.474
New stray light meterUndilated pupils0.6350.6500.313
Dilated pupils0.7110.6090.346
Nyktotest with glare−0.436−0.397−0.249
Mesotest with glare−0.465−0.486−0.247
Left eye
Conventional stray light meterUndilated pupils0.7510.483
Dilated pupils0.6890.456
New stray light meterUndilated pupils0.7050.6580.355
Dilated pupils0.7090.5380.420
Nyktotest with glare−0.516−0.505−0.318
Mesotest with glare−0.508−0.534−0.293
Both eyes
New stray light meter0.415
Nyktotest with glare−0.334
Mesotest with glare−0.319