Table 5

 ANOVA statistics for the discrimination between the three groups: young/elderly/cataract (n = 112)

DependentCovariantsRight eyeLeft eyeBoth eyes
In absence of any covariant (A and B), all tests discriminate between the groups. If visual acuity and contrast sensitivity are covariant (C), only the stray light meters and the Nyktotests and Mesotests with glare discriminate between the groups. In all comparisons, F values are highest for the CSLM and NSLM
(A) Visual acuity and contrast sensitivity
Visual acuityNone19.48<0.00127.91<0.00127.17<0.001
Contrast sensitivityNone24.32<0.00146.63<0.00132.87<0.001
(B) Glare/stray light
Conventional stray light meterNone53.41<0.00149.88<0.001NANA
New stray light meterNone69.51<0.00163.80<0.00163.78<0.001
Nyktotest with glareNone20.31<0.00122.34<0.00128.50<0.001
Mesotest with glareNone25.77<0.00126.28<0.00135.50<0.001
(C) Glare/stray light with co-variants
Conventional stray light meterVisual acuity, contrast sensitivity15.88<0.0018.110.001NANA
New stray light meterVisual acuity, contrast sensitivity31.36<0.00123.39<0.00129.69<0.001
NyktotestVisual acuity, contrast sensitivity2.070.1310.620.5394.470.014
MesotestVisual acuity, contrast sensitivity3.100.0490.730.4862.280.107
Nyktotest with glareVisual acuity, contrast sensitivity8.49<0.0015.040.00814.18<0.001
Mesotest with glareVisual acuity, contrast sensitivity11.64<0.0019.92<0.00117.09<0.001