Table 1

 Profile and classification of the patients and the different kinds of fitted contact lenses

Age, follow up time, and time between keratoplasty and first contact lens fitting are giving as means.
The group of tricurve contact lenses is subdivided into one group without bitoric design (6) and one with bitoric design. The front toric design, which does not influence the back design but can improve the refraction, is part of the tricurve lenses.
Total number28
AgeMean 43 years (min 20 years; max 61 years)
Indications for penetrating keratoplasty
    Fuchs’ dystrophy6
    Corneal scarring4
    Corneal ulcer2
Follow up time (mean)15.5 months (max 50 months; min 4 months)
Time between keratoplasty and first contact lens fitting (mean)42.5 months (max 336 months; min 2 months)
Sutures removed?
Contact lens material
    Rigid gas permeable28
Contact lens back surface design
    Tetracurve reverse10
    Bitoric 5
    Keratoconus design3
Contact lens front surface design
    Front toric1