Table 3

 Details of included studies

NoArticleTarget conditionIndex testReference standardTotal numberof participants
FDT, frequency doubling technology, TOP, tendency oriented perimetry, SAP, standard automated perimetry (SAP-SITA, Swedish Interactive Threshold Algorithm; SAP-FT, full threshold perimetry) HRT, Heidelberg retinal tomograph, OCT, optical coherence tomography, ODP, optic disc pictures, CLSO, confocal laser scanning ophthalmoscope, SLP, scanning laser polarimetry, CSMO, clinically significant macular oedema, SWAP, short wavelength automated perimetry, PERG, pattern electroretinogram
1Wadood et alGlaucomaFDT, TOP, and SAPStereoscopic disc analysis98
2Kesen et alGlaucomaHRTClinical impression200
3Lin et alDiabetic retinopathy screeningSingle field non-mydriatic monochromatic digital fundus photographyStandardised mydriatic colour photography or ophthalmoscopy197
4Iwasaki et alGlaucoma screeningFDTSAP, Octopus and clinical14, 814
5Williams et alGlaucomaOCTSAP or FDT276
6Kowalski et alHSV ocular diseaseELVISCell culture and Herp check483
7Funaki et alGlaucomaSLPSAP184
8Stanford et alToxoplasma retinochoroiditisRetinal photographyNone96
9Greany et alGlaucomaODP, CLSO, SLP, OCTSAP89
10Wall et alNeuro-ophthalmic disordersFDTSAP and clinical diagnosis139
11Rudinsky et alCSMOHigh resolution digital fundus photographyContact lens biomicroscopy120
12Soliman et alGlaucomaSWAP and FDTSAP and clinical123
13Fransen et alDiabetic RetinopathyInoveon’s DR-3DT systemDRS7 photography290
14Budenz et alGlaucomaSAP (SITA)SAP (FT)172
15Bayer et alGlaucomaSWAP, FDT, and PERGSAP72
16Rao et alKeratoconusORBSCAN II indicesVKG indices110