Table 5

 Comparison of changes in health status from baseline for participants completing 6 month assessments

OutcomeExpedited surgery first eye (n = 148)Unoperated first eye (control) (n = 140)Difference between expedited and control (adjusted for baseline values)
Baseline6 monthsBaseline6 monthsMean95% CIp Value
VA, visual acuity in logMAR units.
Activity6. to 2.10.05
Confidence82.383. to 8.0<0.0005
HADS Anxiety7.−0.9−0.3 to −1.60.007
HADS Depression4.−0.8−0.3 to −1.30.003
Barthel Index18.418.418.918.90.1−0.2 to 0.30.6
VF-14 visual disability78.590.680.374.417.314.5 to 20.2<0.0005
London Handicap Scale82. to 8.7<0.0005
Euroqol0.700.730.700.670.060.01 to 0.110.02
Unaided VA0.510.220.560.56−0.32−0.27 to −0.36<0.0005
Spectacles VA0.300.100.290.35−0.25−0.22 to −0.29<0.0005
Pinhole VA0.−0.17−0.14 to −0.19<0.0005
Contrast sensitivity (dB)1.371.551.391.330.230.18 to 0.27<0.0005
Depth perception/5 point scale1.711.472.032.240.620.41 to 0.83<0.0005