Table 1

 Baseline characteristics of participants and non-participants at 5 year follow up

BaselineParticipants At 5 year follow upNon-participants At 5 year follow up
Mean (SD) or %Mean (SD) or %p Value*Mean (SD) or %p Value*
SBP, systolic blood pressure; DBP, diastolic blood pressure.
*p Values (Mantel-Haenszel test for sex and linear regression for continuous measures) are adjusted for age and sex (where appropriate) and compare refused and dead with participants only.
†IOP, intraocular pressure.
Age (years)60.4 (10.5)62.7 (11.7)<0.00172.2 (9.4)<0.001
Sex, % men43410.7152<0.001
SBP (mm Hg)130.8 (19.4)136.0 (21.9)<0.001136.6 (23.9)0.57
DBP (mm Hg)77.8 (10.5)78.3 (12.1)0.0172.8 (12.0)<0.001
IOP† (mm Hg)15.4 (3.3)15.7 (3.5)0.0415.3 (3.6)0.51