Table 2

‚ÄÉRelations between intraocular pressure (IOP) and blood pressure

Dependent variableBlood pressureNoDifference in dependent variable/10 mm Hg increase in blood pressure(95% CI)p Value
Baseline IOPSystolic48810.32(0.27 to 0.37)<0.001
Follow up IOPSystolic35870.34(0.28 to 0.39)<0.001
Change in IOPChange in systolic35490.21(0.16 to 0.27)<0.001
Baseline IOPDiastolic48810.55(0.46 to 0.64)<0.001
Follow up IOPDiastolic35860.57(0.47 to 0.67)<0.001
Change in IOPChange in diastolic35480.43(0.35 to 0.52)<0.001