Table 5

 Multivariable model for change in intraocular pressure (IOP)* and change in systolic and diastolic blood pressure (BP)

Parameterβ coefficient95% CIp Value
CI, confidence interval; NA, not applicable.
*Type III test for overall effect of high BP medications.
†Reference, reference level to compare other levels of high BP medications.
(A) Systolic blood pressure
Age/10 (years)0.03−0.01 to 0.120.49
Female sex0.03−0.15 to 0.220.73
Baseline IOP−0.48−0.50 to −0.45<0.001
High BP medicationsNANA0.03*
    Neither examination0.02−0.20 to 0.240.86
    Baseline only0.760.24 to 1.280.004
    Follow up only−0.07−0.38 to 0.250.68
    Both examinationsReference†
Diabetes0.17−0.00 to 0.340.05
Increase in systolic BP/10 (mm Hg)0.200.15 to 0.26<0.001
(B) Diastolic blood pressure
Age/10 (years)0.03−0.01 to 0.120.49
Female sex0.02−0.16 to 0.210.79
Baseline IOP†−0.47−0.50 to −0.44<0.001
High BP medicationsNANA0.03*
    Neither examination−0.02−0.24 to 0.190.83
    Baseline only0.750.24 to 1.270.004
    Follow up only−0.05−0.36 to 0.260.75
    Both examinationsReference†
Diabetes0.190.01 to 0.360.03
Increase in diastolic BP/10 (mm Hg)0.430.34 to 0.52<0.001