Table 1

 Demographics of 17 eyes with pre-LASIK vitreoretinal pathology and post-LASIK vitreoretinal complications

D, dioptres; preop, preretinal repair; BCVA, best corrected visual acuity;
logMAR, log (10) of reciprocal of Snellen visual acuity; postop,
post-retinal repair; PVA, posterior vitreous attachment; PVD, posterior vitreous detachment.
Age range22–63 years
Mean myopia−11.0 D
Mean time interval (LASIK to vitreoretinal complications)8.8 months
    Within 12 months14 (82.3%)
    >12 months and ⩽24 months2 (11.8%)
    36 months1 (5.9%)
Mean follow up time (post-LASIK)9.6 months
    Lattice only10 (58.8%)
    Lattice and breaks6 eyes (35.3%)
    Break only1 eye (5.9%)
    Breaks only9 eyes (52.9%)
    Retinal detachment8 eyes (47.1%)
Mean preop BCVA0.18 LOGMAR (20/30)
Mean postop BCVA0.40 LOGMAR (20/50)
Documented vitreous status10 eyes
Pre-LASIK PVA followed by post-LASIK PVD8 eyes